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About Me

Hi, my name is Rajnish S Bower also known as Nisha. I am teacher by profession and student of life by choice. Mother of 2 Children and wife of a very loving husband. I come from a very big family, my mother had 6 kids and all of us had one thing in common. Our love for food, this was carry forward within my in-laws home as well. For our family a good time means good food and lots of music. I am not a trained chef nor am I a professional cook but in this walk of life i've learnt as a daughter from my mother and mother-in law, from my sisters and loved cooking for my always hungry kids. Finally, last year due to being cooped up in the house i decided to create and share food recipes. I have a YouTube channel and i would love for you to visit and foremost, try a recipe that you enjoy. I believe food brings family close, try the recipes and share with family to spread happiness.  

For my love of teaching I have started teaching Hindi online. 


Click and Visit my YouTube channel